Supermoon Time Lapse


Supermoon Time Lapse shooting.

Supermoon Time LapseCamera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EF70-200mm f2.8
Extender: Canon Extender 2x III

Camera settings:

Exposure program: M
Focal Length: 400.00mm
Aperture: f9.0
Shutter Speed: 1/60
ISO: 400
AutoFocus: M
White Balance: Auto
Quality: M (9.8M 3840×2560)

Intervalometer: Acer Iconia A510 with DSLR Remote App

Intervalometer settings:

Interval: 3sec
Frames: 900


GoPro Studio to create the video from the images
iMovie to edit the video, add text and music and exporting the movie in 4K Ultra HD.

This time lapse is composed of several sequences, because the moon disappeared from the image area. The moon is moving relatively quickly, so I had to adjust the picture area a few times.

Watch the Video on my YouTube channel Time Lapse 360:

Weather: Sun

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