Acer Iconia A510


Acer Iconia A510The Acer Iconia A510 is a tablet based on Android. I use the tablet as an intervalometer for time lapse photography connected to the DSLR-Camera.

About the Acer Iconia A510

The tablet supports USB OTG (USB On-The-Go). This means that other devices, such as a camera, can be connected to the device via USB. To connect a camera via USB you need a microUSB to USB adapter, the tablet has an microUSB connector.

As Intervalometer I use Helicon Remote or DSLR Remote. To these apps, you will find more information under the software section.

The tablet was for me a cheap solution as an Intervalometer, because I had the tablet already. Also the software for Intervalometer is free or not expensive to buy.

There are also minor disadvantages to using a tablet as an intervalometer.
The device is not really handy like an intervalometer. To set up a time lapse recording, you need also a place to put the tablet, or a construction to hang the tablet at the tripod. I usually put it on a bench or other things around me, because the USB cable is not long enough to put it on the ground.
In case of rain or heavy dew, it needs also needs extra protection from moisture or rain.

To start with the time-lapse photography it is for me a good and cheap solution.

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